Posted by: Robin | August 2, 2007

Laundry – Simpler and Easier

Buying Clothes

  • buy wash and wear (and BELIEVE the labels!)
  • buy lots of one kind/color of sock (so no matching or pairing is needed)
  • color-code towels for each family member
  • color code socks and underwear ditto

Creating and collecting laundry

  • use towels more than once
  • keep a laundry-collection bin in every bedroom and bathroom
  • get family members to sort and deliver their own dirties
  • don’t wash things until they need washing

Doing laundry

  • install the washer and dryer near where the laundry is created and stored
  • have enough laundry baskets
  • teach kids to do their own laundry
  • get family members to fold and put away their own clean clothes

More home organization ideas


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