Posted by: Robin | May 8, 2008

Decluttering Technology

Cell phones, computers, fax machines, audio and video gear: all of it is obsolete almost the minute you walk out of the store with it! How many previous models are you holding on to? How many blank diskettes you no longer have a drive that can read or write? How many cables for interfaces long forgotten?

If you’re not the neighborhood techie and fixup person, you don’t need them. In some areas, there are organizations which refurbish computer equipment and cellphones: if one exists near you, use it. If the equipment is still usable, donate it: some schools or churches may know of families who could benefit from an older computer for kids to use for schoolwork.


Information on computer recycling and reuse

Cellphone recycling

More technology clutter help

Dealing with technology clutter at home

Ways to get rid of clutter responsibly


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