Posted by: Robin | July 17, 2007

Organizing Emergency Supplies

If an emergency strikes, you won’t want to be running around looking for the supplies and information you need. What you need depends on your possible emergencies (fire, hurricane, tornado, earthquake etc) and your living situation. Think about these:Information – phone #s (emergency and family and friends to inform), first aid instructions, disaster instructions, instructions in case of death or incapacitation, guardian arrangements for children and pets, important documents, (executors and guardians should have copies).

Supplies – first aid, food, water, medications and personal care, lighting, heating, cooking, clothing, shelter, cash, batteries, radio, documents, needed for how long? Supplies should ideally be accessible from outside the house in case damage makes it impossible or unsafe to go in.

A “Bug-out bag” is a container kept near an exit door with emergency supplies and information in it, that you can “grab and go”.

Recommended Resources

US Govt emergency prep information
Red Cross emergency prep information
e-book “Act Now, Survive An Emergency Later! What You Must Know To Prepare For A Disaster And Live Through The Crisis”.
Get Organized and Stay Organized
New Years Resolutions


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