Posted by: Robin | July 3, 2007

Garage wall storage helps make room for your car

Many of the things you store in the garage can be hung on the wall or on the ceiling. There are plenty of systems you can buy to do the job, but it’s also easy to build your own system. Hooks and racks on the wall hold garden tools, hoses, spare wheels, rims and tires, bikes, ramps, small machinery like weedwhackers and even mowers, ski and other sports equipment, and boat equipment. Pegboard on the wall can hold all kinds of tools and smaller items. Shelves on the wall hold auto fluids, garden pesticides and fertilizers (in safe containers), hose fittings, camping gear. Ceiling-hung racks hold lumber, sailboat masts and yards, plumbing pipe, and fishing rods. Bikes can be hung from the ceiling too.

Gotchas in the garage: paint is damaged by freezing so keep it in a heated area. If you have mice or other varmints in your area use tough storage containers, ideally metal: animals can chew through wood and plastic.

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