Posted by: Robin | June 25, 2007

Decluttering Craft and Hobby areas

If you have a hobby that uses materials, you probably have a “stash”. If your hobby involves equipment, you may have older models or versions. These are prime candidates for decluttering.

Ask yourself:

  • will I ever use this again?
  • Does it still meet safety or environmental standards?
  • Is it still in fashion or totally dated?
  • Is the quality up to what I now use?
  • Do I still have the tools needed to use or maintain it?
  • Is it worth more to someone else than it is to me?
  • Has it degraded in storage?
  • Could I use the money I’d get by selling it, or the space it’s occupying, better for something else?
  • Would it be easy to replace if I ever needed it again?

You may also have information resources for your hobby – books, magazines, videos, CDs etc. More questions:

  • Do I have the technology to use/read/play this?
  • Is the information still relevant, or outdated?
  • Are my skills now well beyond this level?
  • Am I still interested in this facet of the hobby?
  • Can I find this information elsewhere?

Decluttering your hobby or craft “stuff” can free up space, energy, time or money to actually DO the thing you want to do!

Resource List

Home Organization Tools
How to Declutter Your Unfinished Projects


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